K-pop Medley by Halcyon Dance Crew!

Halcyon dance crew performed in annual Night of Arts event here in Vaasa on Thursday. I got a terrible stomachache the next day so I couldnt come to share this video earlier, sorry for that.  Anyways here's our performance with our new dancers aka trainees! I hope you will give them all your support and keep looking for they "debut". We still have couple more dancers as trainees but they couldnt participate on this event so this time Halcyon was on stage with 13 people!
It was really awesome to perform even tho most of the people didnt have any idea what is k-pop but in the end they all enjoyed our performance as you can see in the end ;-) 
Did you like this, a little different, performance video? It was so funny cause just before the D-time we gathered in one place to wait our turn and one little girl was brave enough to come and ask "Why are you all wearing same shirts and why do you have so many cameras with you?" I wish she sees our video and understands why there was so many cameras :'D 

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