yayy a gif. challenge (again)

Every 4th gif. 
1. How are you:
  Fine... I guess?
2. How you’d react if you met your favorite K-Pop group:
3. How you act with people that also like K-Pop:

4. You singing K-Pop:

5. Your favorite K-Pop group is making a comeback:
Been there!!
6. You at night: 
Changmin knows well.
7. What people of the same sex think of you:
I like food indeed.
8. What people of the opposite sex think of you:
9. Seeing your bias with another girl:
Aish this b*tch!
10. How your aegyo is:

11. Your hidden super power:
yeah I wish :Dd
12. How you act when you’re hungry:

 13. This is what your parents are like:

14. This is what you do when you’re alone:
15. How strangers see you:
16. You in the morning:
Hmm really? U sure?
17. Your thoughts on school: 
I see..
18. What you do on Friday nights:
Fangirling.. all day every day. 
19. What you do on the weekends:
I didnt lose my mind this time, huh?
20. You in the afterlife:
Myungjong <3 font="">

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