Gif. challege

K-Pop Gif Challenge
1. Open your GIF folder
2. Use every 3rd gif
3. No cheating!
Your parent’s reaction to your birth:
well.... thanks!
Your first day home:

Your first memory:

Your first birthday:

Learning how to walk:

Learning to talk:

First day of school:
pretty much yeah
First friend:

Learning that there is no Santa:

First day of middle school:

First day of high school:

Reaction to scary freshman rumors:

How your best friend sees you:
How you see your best friends:

How you see your enemies:

How your enemies see you:

Learning to drive:

Reaction to graduating:

Reaction to getting into the college you wanted:

When you graduate from college:

When you get your dream job:

What you do at your job:

Your reaction to getting proposed to:

Getting married:

Reaction to having your first child:

When you retire from your job:

Reaction to your kids sending you to a nursing home:

How you die:

How people react to your funeral:
You in the after life:
Ainaki mulla oli hauskaa ._.

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